Bathroom and Kitchen Adaptations

Designs That are Visually Pleasing While Making Life Easier

Kitchen and bathroom adaptations can be incorporated in our design and fitting service to make life easier and help to maintain independence for people with special needs.

We will work with you on the practical requirements of your kitchen or bathroom and consider the aesthetics of the space, and the needs of all the users.

Our expert team have experience of designing and fitting bathrooms and kitchens that include adaptations for people with specific needs due to illness or disability, and for more general problems such as lack of mobility caused by ageing.

We understand how important it is for people to remain independent and how bathroom and kitchen adaptations can play a big part towards this aim.

Bathroom Adaptations that Consider All Users

Bathroom adaptations are available to cater for a wide range of needs, from aids for mobility to products that help people with challenging physical conditions.

At Aquarius Tiles & Bathrooms name we design a bathroom around these adaptations and take into account the requirements of other users.

Mobility problems are very common, and there are low level access showers to help avoid trips, and walk-in baths with a door in the side, so there is no lifting of the legs while climbing into the bath. These bathroom adaptations can be made to blend in with the bathroom design rather than making the room look purely functional.

Other bathroom adaptations that we can fit are:

  • Shower seats
  • Adapted controls
  • Grab rails
  • Lifts and hoists
  • Raised height toilets
  • Anti-slip flooring

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Bathroom Design & Fitting

Kitchen Adaptations to Make Life Easier

The kitchen can be the heart of the home, with lots of activity, and used by several people at the same time. When we design kitchens with adaptations we make sure all user can enjoy this valuable space.

Common kitchen adaptations include adjustable height and low level worktops. Knee spaces under work tops and surfaces, and wheel chair access around islands. Non-slip floor surfaces, lever taps, and adapted controls can also be part of your kitchen design.

See our page on kitchen design and fitting to learn more about our services

Kitchen Design & Fitting

Talk to Aquarius Tiles & Bathrooms About the Kitchen and Bathroom Adaptations You Want to Include in Your Design

And we’ll work with you to make these much used rooms look great while remaining fully accessible by everyone.

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